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Background Information

RAFIKI SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION was founded in 2005 as Community Based Organization whereby the team of founders was working for community as self motivated volunteers. In the same year RAFIKI - SDO was registerd under Tanzania NGO Act No.24 of 2002 with registration number 00NGO/00006336 to operate in Tanzania mainland.  

Overal goal of RAFIKI - SDO:is to advocate for children's rights and Youth, maginalized, vulnerable groups rights. providing training as well as conducting reseach and capacity building on entrepreneurial skills and cross cutting issues such as justice, gender, HIV /AIDS, skillful parenting and Reproductive health education.

Our Vision: RAFIKI -SDO envisions  a community in which Children, Youth, Women and Vulnerable groups are empowered to become drivers of their own development that enhance their quality of life.

Our Mission: Rafiki-SDO exists to promote the rights of young people and other vulnerable groups in Tanzania through awareness raising, advocacy and service delivery to improve the quality of basic education, work to eliminate child labour, increase young people's access to SRHS, strengthen youths livelihoods and continued organizational strengthening for effective service delivery. 

Values & Objectives Of The Organization

Our Values: The core values of the Rafiki-SDO that will guide in fulfilling its mission are;

1. Cooperation,

2. Self confidence,

3. Honesty,

4. Volunteer,

5. Good governance and

6. Social responsibility.


  • To advocate for children’s, youth’s , marginalized and  vulnerable groups’ rights.
  • To promote HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.
  • To train youth, marginalized and  vulnerable groups entrepreneurship skills.
  • To advocate and lobby provision of quality education for children, youth and handicapped groups.
  • To promote girls education.
  • To promote good governance and democracy.
  • To promote gender balance, responsibility and equity.
  • To eradicate gender oppression and humiliation.
  • To promote environmental conservation.


1. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE : Improve the quality of Basic Education

2. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE : Strengthen effort geared towards elimination of child labour.

3. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE : Promote young people's access to friendly sexual and reproductive health services                                              (SRHS)

4. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE : Empower youths and other groups to strengthen their livelihoods.

5. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE : Strengthen  the organizational capacity of Rafiki -SDO.

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contact details

Rafiki Social Development Organization.(RAFIKI -SDO)

Centre for Youth and Children's Rights.

P.O.BOX 550,

Kahama - Tanzania

phone: +255 754 448838

Office: +255 2710342

E-mail: info@rafikisdo.or.tz

Web: www.rafikisdo.or.tz

Office Location: Igomelo Areas

Sungu sungu Building.


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