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Rafiki SDO creates public awareness campaigns and educational programming for several radio stations, including TBC Radio, Clouds FM in Dar es Salaam, Abood Radio in Morogoro, Radio Kwizera in Kasulu and Kyela FM. Rafiki SDO's radio programming covers a wide spectrum of topics, including the Constitutional Review Act, marriage law, gender-based violence, international instruments on women’s rights, women’s land and property rights and criminal procedures, as well as responds to listeners’ letters.

Station Name: Ebony FM
Broadcast Dates: Every Wednesday (2013)
Speakers: Mr. Mapunda and Mr. Gerald
Topic: The Law of Marriage Act and Divorce

Part 1 Description: Mr. Gerald reviews the previous session about divorce, which covered the meaning of divorce and the reasons that can lead to divorce.

Part 2 Description: 
This session discusses the procedures a person should follow when wanting to initiate divorce proceedings, including seeking reconciliation services, obtaining court documents and submitting letters to the court.

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Rafiki Social Development Organization.(RAFIKI -SDO)

Centre for Youth and Children's Rights.

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