COVID-19 Project is an emergency project implemented by RAFIKISDO through financial support from Women Fund Tanzania to reduce the risks of violence against women, girls and children accelerated by the outbreak of COVID-19. The project covered five wards of Shinyanga DC; Iselamagazi, Solwa, Pandagichiza, Lyabusalu and Lyabukande. project have reached total of 154 targeted beneficiaries including women, girls and children. Four main activities were implemented to create awareness on how Corona can exarcabete violence to women and children; mobilize community members to take action against COVID-19 accelerated violence to women, girls and children by reporting incidences to appropriate authorities for actions.

The Project provided trainings to:

1. Five NPA-VAWC committees to identify and respond to violence against women, girls and children during covid-19. 2. 80 community leaders, local leaders and faith leaders on prevention and response to violence against women, children and girls during COVID-19. 3. 15 empowerment workers to promote positive parenting and family budgeting skills to support families on goal setting, priotization and serving as well as awareness to fighting domestic violence against women, children and girls during the COVID-19 outbreak. 4. 20 peer educators on gender stereotype and harmful masculinity to reduce stigmatization under COVID-19 circumstances.

Activities results;

1. Increased community understanding on the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 to women and children, identification of COVID-19 related impacts and reporting mechanisms. 2. Improved commitments to local and community leaders to coordinate and respond on violence incidences reported. 3. Increased knowledge to majority of teen mothers and adolescent girls on violence against women and children, positive parenting, loan and saving, prioritization and goal setting for development of families and child rearing