Car for supporting KAGIS Project activities

Rafiki-SDO in partnership with Plan International Tanzania with funding from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) in collaboration with PO-RALG, MOEST, and local government authorities (LGA) is implementing Keeping Adolescent Girls in School (KAGIS) project, a 5 years’ project. The goal of KAGIS project is to improve the realization of adolescent girls’ rights to safe, quality and gender-responsive education. Rafiki-SDO is implementing this project in Geita Region covering 2 district councils (Geita TC and DC) in 7 wards of Kalangalala, Kasamwa, Buhalahala, Nyankumbu, Ihanamilo, Nyanguku and Bung’wangoko for Geita TC and 3 wards of Katoro, Ludete and Nyamigota for Geita DC. The project targets adolescent girls aged 9-15 years.

KAGIS project has three (3) ultimate goals as follows:

1. Improved agency of adolescent girls to exercise their rights to inclusive education and SRH 2. Improved provision of gender-responsive inclusive education and SRH services for adolescent girls 3. Strengthened local education sector governance to support access for girls to safe, inclusive and gender responsive schools